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What Goes Up Sometimes Comes Down..and then Back Up Again

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Two years ago, serials were all the rage. Lots of writers tried their hands at writing shorter installments of an ongoing story, and I was one of them. The Protect Her serial, when I finally completed it 11 installments later, is a story that I am incredibly proud of.

It has it all. A superhot alpha hero with supernatural powers. A heroine who isn’t a wall flower and truly comes into her own (and is quite badass.) Mortal Danger. Angels. Demons. But a happily ever after when it was all said and done.

I did some things right by Riley and Paige in telling their story, but I also did quite a few things wrong. Now it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start over- which is one of the coolest things about being the one in charge.

For loyal fans of this serial, rest assured: if you made the entire journey with Riley and Paige- this doesn’t impact them (or you) at all. This is really for the rest of the world who never discovered them because I didn’t do a good job promoting them. I never got the covers right and while this has a strong thread of paranormal romance in it, I believe it is ultimately belongs in the Urban Fantasy category. Making these changes gives me a chance to set it all right by launching the complete story the way it was always meant to be.

Here’s what is changing:

  • I am taking the individual 11 installments and 3 bundled box sets off sale on June 15th.
  • I am re-releasing the story as the Protector trilogy with new covers, new branding, and new names.
    • Parts 1-4 are becoming Awaken (Book 1)
    • Parts 5-8 become Atone (Book 2)
    • Parts 9-11 become Ascend (Book 3)

So if you’ve already started the serial but haven’t finished it, either snag your copy of the individual parts you’re missing before June 15th, or just dig into the associated book when these are re-released starting on the 16th. Either way, though, you won’t miss a thing.

Happy Reading!