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Love Audiobooks? Guess Who You Can Listen To Anywhere?

Riley 2 ad

Riley Stone. Yep- it’s official. Protect Her: Part One is available now in audiobook form.

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to work with two very talented vocal producers for the production of the audiobook: Angel Clark read the part of Paige, and Robert Neil DeVoe read the part of Riley. So as a listener, you get to experience two unique voices- just like book itself.

When I held the auditions, I landed on Angel pretty quickly. She had a fun, edgy energy that I knew was characteristic of Paige. I gave her the direction of framing Paige’s character up like Buffy in Seasons 6-7. She’s a little cynical and jaded (okay, maybe a lot) because life had been cruel even though she’s still very young. But Paige is a fighter- of course, we get to see her fight (and just how tough she can be!) in later installments.

It was really important to me though to nail Riley’s voice. The voice had to be young (Riley’s only 28) but with a cocky and self-assured tone to it. Riley is unapologetic, irreverent (hence his love of cursing), and focused on his job. When he meets Paige in Part One, it really does rock him to his core. He’s not used to giving a crap about anyone. Then this strange woman comes along, and he drops everything- even though he doesn’t understand why. He just can’t let her go. His character arc has been a true delight to write.

Here’s a little audio sample to whet your appetite. Then I hope you’ll wander over to one of the retailers that I list below and buy the whole thing. It’s almost 2-1/2 hours of Riley and Paige for just a little bit more than the cost of a cup of gourmet coffee- IMO, well worth the investment. 🙂


Buy the Protect Her: Part One audiobook on Amazon.

Buy the Protect Her: Part One audio book on Audible.

Buy the Protect Her: Part One audiobook on iTunes.

Happy listening!