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Protect Her News: New covers and When to Expect Protect Her: Part Eight

Cover B-A

February was a busy month for me. I released Protect Her: Part Seven, and then set about correcting a problem that had been plaguing me for several months: my covers. When I had the cover concept designed last summer, I really wanted it to be focused on the romance element with the couple. So I spent hours looking for just the right couple that I thought embodied Riley and Paige. The other thing that I wanted included was Riley’s tattoo (which readers of the serial know is an important clue to how Riley’s destiny intertwines with Paige’s fate).

My cover designer did a lovely job for me, and I happily went on my merry way. For each new release, we did a different color wash on the cover alternating between cool and warm tones. I loved the branding and felt it was very cohesive. But- and there is always a but– there wasn’t a single thing about my covers that told readers this was a paranormal story.

After receiving some gentle, kind feedback from some of my author friends, I realized that I had created a lovely NA/contemporary-ish cover. But it wasn’t conveying the right vibe to truly draw in the right readers to the serial.

So, I give to you the new Protect Her covers!! I hope you’ll drop me a quick comment and let me know what you think about them. I LOVE them. (How many skulls can you count?) Riley and Paige are badass, and I think that’s conveyed clearly here. Plus- there’s a cemetery in the background. Cemeteries are pretty much Riley’s second home. It came together perfectly, and I’m thrilled.

Protect Her: Part Eight is Coming Soon!

March 20th to be exact. I decided not to do a pre-order for PH8. I’m not sure if it’s because my readers aren’t pre-order folk or what, but I have seen diminishing numbers of readers signing up for the pre-order option with the last three releases. Running a pre-order through Amazon is pretty stressful overall. I haven’t missed a deadline yet, but if I did I would lose my pre-order privileges for a year. So if fans aren’t using it, then it doesn’t make sense for me to put myself through the writing wringer to offer it. (But I would reconsider if enough people tell me they want it back for PH9. 🙂 )

If you haven’t joined me on the Front Porch FB group yet, this is the time to do so because I’ll be sharing behind the scenes news and teasers with fans there over the next three weeks. That’s how you’ll be sure to get your Protect Her fix while you are waiting.

Happy Reading!