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Protect Her: Part 11 Gets a Release Date!


PH11 announcement

Probably the most frequent question I’ve been asked in the last several months is: When is Protect Her: Part Eleven going to be released?

I felt like a schmuck having to say “I don’t know yet.” and “Soon, I hope!”

I knew the moment I wrote the last bit of Part 10 that it was all going to come to a close in Part 11. I started this serial over a year ago (where does the time go?), and my original intention was always to have it run 4-5 installments. Then I kinda fell in love with Riley (who hasn’t?) and Paige as well, and their story just got bigger and bigger.

The installments I’ve written, particularly since Part 8, I think have been the best ones of the entire serial. If I had stopped everything back around Part 5, we would have missed so much of what these characters could become and the richness of the world they live in. So I’m glad that I didn’t quit the serial earlier and let it play out the way that it needed to.

Which brings me back to Part 11. I always knew how it was going to end. (The final chapter is one that has been in my head since probably Part 3.) I honestly think I blocked myself quite a bit on it. I thought it was going to have to be longer than the other installments (so many loose ends!).I gnashed my teeth about how it could all come together in a satisfying way that fans wouldn’t be disappointed at the ultimate conclusion (that one will keep a writer up nights.) I kept putting it off and procrastinating saying I’d get to it the next weekend. Then I got uber distracted by some werebears in the fictional town of Greyelf, MN.

In mid-November, i realized it had been almost 4 months since I’d left off on Riley and Paige’s story. Not only that, I’d left it on one hell of a cliffhangar. (Riley’s gone dark! Riley’s gone dark!) I needed to stop futzing around and just write it. Even if it sucked in the first draft, I needed to get it done. I owed the characters, myself, and the fans that. So I buckled down over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend and put the words down.

The result was…amazing. I feel a little sniffly thinking about the final scene.

I am just starting to send it out to beta readers now, and I hope to hear in the initial feedback that I did Riley and Paige right. The end is near, my friends.

Protect Her: Part 11… the final installment…hits Amazon on December 11th.

And if you haven’t started Riley and Paige’s epic journey yet, you can do that HERE¬†with Part One.

Happy Reading!!