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Introducing the Urban Dwellers


I am delighted to announce that the Urban Dwellers series is finally here! Silence that Sizzles (#1) is available now with Secrets that Simmer (#2) and Binds that Burn (#3) right behind it releasing on March 9th and March 15th respectively.

So who are the Urban Dwellers?

Sheriff Billy Miller from the Greyelf Grizzlies series had a run in with the Urban Dwellers in Ready to Bear. They are a trio of shifters (bear, wolf, and panther) that run all things related to shifter affairs in the fictional Copper City (my riff on NYC in this world). They are kind of like the mafia – there are things they do that is illegal – but they are using the funds from those activities to make things better for all shifters, while hopefully smoothing things for shifter-human integration.

Fans of the Greyelf Grizzlies series will remember that this is also a goal for Lukas Kasper, the Greyelf Grizzly alpha, and he definitely butts heads with the Urban Dwellers – who have zero interest in bending a knee to Lukas’s authority.

The overall arc of the entire series has to do a with a secret that the Urban Dwellers have that they’ve been covering up for over seventeen years. That secret is going to come back and bite each of them in the ass in a big way. But, along the way, each one of them will meet their fated mate. It’s my way of helping them turn their frown upside down. 🙂

So if you are looking for a new UF/PNR series to fill up your free time, give the Urban Dwellers series a chance.

Grab your copy of Silence of Sizzles (Urban Dwellers #1) for only $0.99 by clicking HERE.


Happy Reading!!