Protect Her Series


Her name has been Paige Matthews for the last three years. Before that, it was Jane Doe. Before that is nothing more than black hole after a mysterious accident wiped her memories away. Her dreams are filled with blurred images of terror. Something was after her and tried to kill her.

Riley Stone doesn’t care about anything but getting the job done and getting paid. There are few people who willingly associate with a Necromancer. Humans don’t even know that the demon world exists, and, on the other side of the veil, the angels and demons in charge consider someone like him a lower life form.

When Riley saves Paige from a demon bounty hunter, both are faced with an uncertain path before them. With no memory of the supernatural world that parallels her own, Paige is vulnerable and alone. Despite Riley’s natural inclination to leave, he knows that unless he helps her Paige will wind up dead.

Now Paige has a guardian who is far from an angel looking after her. Only one thing is certain. The way to save her life is first by finding out who she really is.

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What happens to someone caught in the crossfire between angels and demons? Riley Stone wants to ensure that Paige Matthews never finds out.

Thinking that Riley would be glad to be rid of her, Paige agrees to let an old friend help her with her newly discovered demon problem. But Benjamin knows more about her past than he’s willing to tell her, and has his own agenda when it comes to Paige.

Riley’s work on Calamata Island is finished. All he wants to do is make sure that Paige is safe and sound, and then he’ll be on his way. But after he catches a glimpse of the real reason the demons are stalking Paige, he knows he can’t leave her. She needs him even if she doesn’t realize it.

In this race against time, one thing is certain. Paige’s past can’t stay buried any longer.

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Things are heating up for Paige, and not just in the search for her true identity. Though she is keenly aware that Riley is avoiding telling her everything about his past encounters with the demons pursuing her, she finds that her attraction to him overriding her better judgment. With every passing hour, she is more confident that if anyone can keep her safe, it is Riley Stone.

To stay one step ahead of their enemies, Riley reluctantly accepts help from the one man he knows still holds sway over Paige’s emotions. Benjamin’s claim on her soul is one that cannot be easily broken, but Riley intends to try. But first, he must take her to someone who can finally answer the question that Paige so desperately needs to know. Who was she before she became Paige Matthews?

But Paige soon realizes that she’s been asking the wrong question all along. It was never about who she was before she lost her memories, but if she truly ready to handle the truth once it is revealed.

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