Greyelf Grizzlies

A Bear of a Reputation Cover vFinal 72dpi web

A Bear of a Reputation (Greyelf Grizzlies #1)

When the alpha claim of the Greyelf bear shifters goes up for grabs, news reporter Maren Lene is ready to capture what is sure to be the story of the decade. She’s confident she can maintain a professional distance from the man with the solidest claim to be the new alpha, who once also happened to break her heart.

Lukas Kasper thought he escaped his troubled youth in Greyelf, although the scars remain. When his older brother, the alpha of the Greyelf Bear Clan, dies unexpectedly everyone expects that he will rescind his alpha claim. But what Lukas wants is to find out the truth about his brother’s death.

Lukas arrives home he finds himself the center of town gossip and front page news for the Greyelf Gazette. All the attention and hostility directed at him seems to be originating from a single source: Maren Lene, the girl he let get away. Soon sparks fly between Lukas and Maren, but Lukas needs Maren’s help to find the truth. Along the way, he begins to realize there might be more than one reason to stay in Greyelf and lay claim to what has always rightfully belonged to him.

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Becoming the Alpha Cover vFinal 300dpi

Becoming the Alpha (Greyelf Grizzlies #2)

If Lukas Kasper wants the truth about his brother’s death, the first step is taking his rightful place as the Alpha of the Greyelf Grizzly bear clan. But it won’t be easy, which is why he needs his childhood best friend Maren Lene at his side.

Maren is conflicted. Her journalist instincts tell her that being able to see the inner workings of an alpha succession is a once in a lifetime opportunity. But being that close to Lukas is dangerous to her fragile heart.

As the stakes get higher, Maren and Lukas grow closer. But someone is watching and waiting for them to make a mistake knowing as soon as they do, the trap will close around them, and there will be no escape.

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Mating the Alpha Cover v1

Mating the Alpha (Greyelf Grizzlies #3) 

***This is your chance to get inside the mind of the Alpha. This installment features dual points of view so you’ll hear from both Maren AND Lukas. Installments of the Greyelf Grizzlies serial are novella (not novel) length and contain heart-pounding cliffhangers.****

Lukas Kasper has been the Alpha of the Greyelf Grizzly clan for less than twelve hours, and everything is already going to hell. A backdoor deal has put his credibility and his relationship with Maren at risk. But he’s confident that he has plenty of time to fix it. He just has to make it through the next few hours.

Meanwhile, Maren has kidnapped by someone who knows far too much about her past with Lukas. Even though she knows it puts her in danger, she can’t stop digging for clues about what happened to Lukas’s brother and what her captors have planned for Lukas.

With the Summit beginning, the tiniest slip can throw everything into chaos. And without even realizing it, Lukas and Maren are being pushed over the edge.

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The Bear Truth Cover v2

The Bear Truth (Greyelf Grizzlies #4)

The time has come for the truth to be revealed in the final chapter of the Greyelf Grizzlies serial.

Now that Lukas and Maren’s relationship has gone to the next level, there’s no going back. Everything is up for grabs as Lukas refuses to buckle under pressure from the Greyelf Grizzly council to rescind their bond, and Maren learns what it truly means to be an alpha’s mate.

But their union is not the only secret that will be exposed during the very public Shifter Summit. Lukas and Maren’s relationship is put to the test as new threats come to light. And finally, the truth around the event that started it all, Markus Kasper’s death, is finally revealed.

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