Bittersweet Junction Gets a Release Date: July 15th, 2013


Since releasing my short stories in early 2013, the idea for a full-length novel has been percolating in my brain. After several false starts, the characters of Bittersweet Junction took over and the story flowed from my fingertips. I can’t wait for you to meet Julia and Ben! These two had a false start of their own, but now have a second chance at romance.

Here’s the blurb:

Best friends once, lovers never, yet an attraction that can’t be ignored.

Five years ago, Julia Bell walked away from her life the moment her high school diploma was in her hand. She left her family and friends behind to start over and escape the chokehold of small town life in Benton Hill. But an urgent call from her little sister brings Julia back to her hometown wholly unprepared for what awaits her.

Ben Miller was always the nice guy. Just before high school graduation, he stepped out of that role hoping to capture the heart of the woman he loved. Instead, in quick succession he lost the girl, and the future he worked so hard to achieve.

Even though Julia and Ben are drawn to each other, echoes of the past block them at every turn. Secrets are exposed, and reality needs to be dealt with if they can ever hope to move past the bittersweet junction that ripped them apart.

Bittersweet Junction will be available on July 15th. Want a release day notification? Text “IVYSBOOKS” to 22828 now!

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