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Update on the Willoughby Inn series: What’s Next!


I imagine if you’ve found yourself here, it’s probably because you’ve recently read one or both of the stories in the Willoughby Inn series: Where My Heart Breaks and Grounded By You.

While each book in the series follows a different couple, the common thread that ties all of them together is the Willoughby Inn itself, and of course, Walter Moolen’s tragic literary tale. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing Walter’s story- Jackson and Camilla captured the hearts of generations of people in this world, though, and I have to admit that feels a bit intimidating. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย That won’t stop me if I put my mind too it, but I also have to wrap my brain around telling a romance tale that we all know doesn’t have an HEA.

So instead, for the time being, I’ll be focusing on other characters that we meet through the course of the other stories, and rest assured, the character of the Willoughby Inn will always be featured.

In Grounded By You, we meet Sam’s spunky, down to earth co-star Delaney Rose. Delaney will be the featured heroine in the 3rd book of the series- although her story is going to be a bit darker than Reed & Kate’s or Sam and Millie’s. It will take place a couple of years after the events in Grounded By You, and when we see Delaney again, she’s going to be quite jaded by the dark underbelly of Hollywood- for a very good reason. But she’ll meet someone who will help her see that there is life (and love) beyond the cameras and fame. Essentially, bringing her back to the person that she was before starring in Where My Heart Breaks changed her life forever.

The fourth book in the series is going to take us back to the Willoughby Inn and begin to explore the life of Walter Moolen through the eyes of his grand-daughter, Liza. You might recall there was a casual mention that the movie version of Where My Heart Breaks had been stalled for years because of a fight over the rights to the story. Liza is going to come face to face with her arch-nemesis, a high-powered publishing executive who is trying to take over the rights completely, and sparks fly in more ways than one. ๐Ÿ™‚

The plan is that these stories will be released in early 2017, although it could be sooner if I start hearing that there’s a lot of interest. (I always take fan requests into account as I build out my production schedule.)

Be sure you’re signed up for my Fan Club to stay up to date on all the latest news and notes from me.

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What Goes Up Sometimes Comes Down..and then Back Up Again

smoke and flame flying doves isolated on black background

Two years ago, serials were all the rage. Lots of writers tried their hands at writing shorter installments of an ongoing story, and I was one of them. The Protect Her serial, when I finally completed it 11 installments later, is a story that I am incredibly proud of.

It has it all. A superhot alpha hero with supernatural powers. A heroine who isn’t a wall flower and truly comes into her own (and is quite badass.) Mortal Danger. Angels. Demons. But a happily ever after when it was all said and done.

I did some things right by Riley and Paige in telling their story, but I also did quite a few things wrong. Now it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start over- which is one of the coolest things about being the one in charge.

For loyal fans of this serial, rest assured: if you made the entire journey with Riley and Paige- this doesn’t impact them (or you) at all. This is really for the rest of the world who never discovered them because I didn’t do a good job promoting them. I never got the covers right and while this has a strong thread of paranormal romance in it, I believe it is ultimately belongs in the Urban Fantasy category. Making these changes gives me a chance to set it all right by launching the complete story the way it was always meant to be.

Here’s what is changing:

  • I am taking the individual 11 installments and 3 bundled box sets off sale on June 15th.
  • I am re-releasing the story as the Protector trilogy with new covers, new branding, and new names.
    • Parts 1-4 are becoming Awaken (Book 1)
    • Parts 5-8 become Atone (Book 2)
    • Parts 9-11 become Ascend (Book 3)

So if you’ve already started the serial but haven’t finished it, either snag your copy of the individual parts you’re missing before June 15th, or just dig into the associated book when these are re-released starting on the 16th. Either way, though, you won’t miss a thing.

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Introducing the Urban Dwellers


I am delighted to announce that the Urban Dwellers series is finally here! Silence that Sizzles (#1) is available now with Secrets that Simmer (#2) and Binds that Burn (#3) right behind it releasing on March 9th and March 15th respectively.

So who are the Urban Dwellers?

Sheriff Billy Miller from the Greyelf Grizzlies series had a run in with the Urban Dwellers in Ready to Bear. They are a trio of shifters (bear, wolf, and panther) that run all things related to shifter affairs in the fictional Copper City (my riff on NYC in this world). They are kind of like the mafia – there are things they do that is illegal – but they are using the funds from those activities to make things better for all shifters, while hopefully smoothing things for shifter-human integration.

Fans of the Greyelf Grizzlies series will remember that this is also a goal for Lukas Kasper, the Greyelf Grizzly alpha, and he definitely butts heads with the Urban Dwellers – who have zero interest in bending a knee to Lukas’s authority.

The overall arc of the entire series has to do a with a secret that the Urban Dwellers have that they’ve been covering up for over seventeen years. That secret is going to come back and bite each of them in the ass in a big way. But, along the way, each one of them will meet their fated mate. It’s my way of helping them turn their frown upside down. ๐Ÿ™‚

So if you are looking for a new UF/PNR series to fill up your free time, give the Urban Dwellers series a chance.

Grab your copy of Silence of Sizzles (Urban Dwellers #1) for only $0.99 by clicking HERE.


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When One Shifter Just Isn’t Enough


I am honored to be part of this smokin’ hot box set with 14 other amazing paranormal romance authors!!

Here’s the set-up:
Dragons! Bears! Lions! Wolves! Your favorite authors of paranormal romance are at it again – writing MORE bonus scenes and all-new stories just for you! These sexy excerpts and scenes from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors will set your hearts โ€” and your devices โ€” on fire!

Anybody else feeling a little (ahem) warm in here? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Grab your copy of More Wicked Alphas, Wild Nights for only $0.99 on Amazon HERE.

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Protect Her: Part 11 is LIVE!

Protect her 11

It’s official Protect Her fans! Part 11 is available now. It’s all come down to this, and I have to say, I think it’s good. Damn good.

Here’s the set-up:

My name is Paige Matthews, and I am supposed to be dead. Riley thinks I’m dead, and that was the reason that he turned dark. Now I have to find him before it’s too late to ever bring him back. When he does, I’m not sure if he’ll be able to live with what he’s done. But I won’t give up on him. Not without one hell of a fight.

My only allies are Viho and Klein, and they don’t trust me. Not with Benjamin’s invisible leash around my neck. Demons. Archangels. It doesn’t matter. I won’t let anyone stand in my way to bring Riley back to the light, even if it means I end up dead in the process.

One way or another, this is the end.

Snag your copy of Protect Her: Part 11 on Amazon by clicking HERE.

And if you haven’t had a chance to start the Protect Her serial yet (what are you waiting for??), you can meet Riley and Paige and start their epic journey by clicking HERE.

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Protect Her: Part 11 Gets a Release Date!


PH11 announcement

Probably the most frequent question I’ve been asked in the last several months is: When is Protect Her: Part Eleven going to be released?

I felt like a schmuck having to say “I don’t know yet.” and “Soon, I hope!”

I knew the moment I wrote the last bit of Part 10 that it was all going to come to a close in Part 11. I started this serial over a year ago (where does the time go?), and my original intention was always to have it run 4-5 installments. Then I kinda fell in love with Riley (who hasn’t?) and Paige as well, and their story just got bigger and bigger.

The installments I’ve written, particularly since Part 8, I think have been the best ones of the entire serial. If I had stopped everything back around Part 5, we would have missed so much of what these characters could become and the richness of the world they live in. So I’m glad that I didn’t quit the serial earlier and let it play out the way that it needed to.

Which brings me back to Part 11. I always knew how it was going to end. (The final chapter is one that has been in my head since probably Part 3.) I honestly think I blocked myself quite a bit on it. I thought it was going to have to be longer than the other installments (so many loose ends!).I gnashed my teeth about how it could all come together in a satisfying way that fans wouldn’t be disappointed at the ultimate conclusion (that one will keep a writer up nights.) I kept putting it off and procrastinating saying I’d get to it the next weekend. Then I got uber distracted by some werebears in the fictional town of Greyelf, MN.

In mid-November, i realized it had been almost 4 months since I’d left off on Riley and Paige’s story. Not only that, I’d left it on one hell of a cliffhangar. (Riley’s gone dark! Riley’s gone dark!) I needed to stop futzing around and just write it. Even if it sucked in the first draft, I needed to get it done. I owed the characters, myself, and the fans that. So I buckled down over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend and put the words down.

The result was…amazing. I feel a little sniffly thinking about the final scene.

I am just starting to send it out to beta readers now, and I hope to hear in the initial feedback that I did Riley and Paige right. The end is near, my friends.

Protect Her: Part 11… the final installment…hits Amazon on December 11th.

And if you haven’t started Riley and Paige’s epic journey yet, you can do that HEREย with Part One.

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A Post Chock-Full of Updates


I have been remiss in doing a great job of posting here on the blog about all the updates around my books. (Which is a really good reason for you to join my private FB readers group, Ivy’s Front Porch– I post in there quite a bit with news and teasers. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Here’s the latest on all things around my books and what’s coming next:

Protect Her Part 11: Yes, there will be a Part 11, and this will be it. The end. Maybe that’s why I’m having a bit of a hard time getting it going. There’s a part of me that doesn’t want it to end. I love Riley and Paige, but goodness knows those two could use a break. The saving the world business can be exhausting after awhile. I’m hoping to get this out in October, but there’s a lot of moving parts in my production schedule at the moment. But it’s coming.

Greyelf Grizzlies serial: Lukas and Maren’s story is complete. However, you will get to see snippets of their married life in Billy’s story, Ready to Bear (available now!), and also further down the line in the Urban Dwellers books.

Ready to Bear (A Greyelf Grizzlies/Urban Dwellers crossover): This book just went live today, and I am so glad that I took the time to write Billy’s story. Greyelf Grizzly fans know that Billy became the sheriff of Greyelf at the end of the serial, and he’s still tracking Joshua down. Joshua’s trail leads Billy to Copper City, where he meets Thea Philips and the trio of hot shifter alphas known as the Urban Dwellers. This is a full-length standalone book, and you don’t want to miss it!

The Urban Dwellers Series: The is my brand new shifter series. Each of the three Urban Dwellers is going to get his own book, starting with Kyle Frost in Silence that Sizzles (Urban Dwellers #1). Look for that to come your way in early November 2015.

The Willoughby Inn Love Stories series: Now I’ve been noodling for a couple of years now on writing another book in this series focused on Delaney (who you meet in Grounded By You.) The thing is, as you can see by the above info, I’m stacked to the rafters on my current production schedule. However, I’ll consider moving this one up if there’s enough interest. How do I know that? YOU need to tell me! Leave me a note on my Facebook page, hit me up on Twitter, or shoot me an email at

The Benton Hill Love Stories series: Just like with the Willoughby Inn series, I have a story that’s been sitting on the back burner for Clary. This one isn’t slated until late 2016 right now, but you can move it up if I hear from you.ย Leave me a note on my Facebook page, hit me up on Twitter, or shoot me an email at

So that’s it! Whew- my fingers are feeling tired already. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I love this job, and I’ll just keep writing and hopefully you’ll keep reading.

All my best-


Love Audiobooks? Guess Who You Can Listen To Anywhere?

Riley 2 ad

Riley Stone. Yep- it’s official. Protect Her: Part One is available now in audiobook form.

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to work with two very talented vocal producers for the production of the audiobook: Angel Clark read the part of Paige, and Robert Neil DeVoe read the part of Riley. So as a listener, you get to experience two unique voices- just like book itself.

When I held the auditions, I landed on Angel pretty quickly. She had a fun, edgy energy that I knew was characteristic of Paige. I gave her the direction of framing Paige’s character up like Buffy in Seasons 6-7. She’s a little cynical and jaded (okay, maybe a lot) because life had been cruel even though she’s still very young. But Paige is a fighter- of course, we get to see her fight (and just how tough she can be!) in later installments.

It was really important to me though to nail Riley’s voice. The voice had to be young (Riley’s only 28) but with a cocky and self-assured tone to it. Riley is unapologetic, irreverent (hence his love of cursing), and focused on his job. When he meets Paige in Part One, it really does rock him to his core. He’s not used to giving a crap about anyone. Then this strange woman comes along, and he drops everything- even though he doesn’t understand why. He just can’t let her go. His character arc has been a true delight to write.

Here’s a little audio sample to whet your appetite. Then I hope you’ll wander over to one of the retailers that I list below and buy the whole thing. It’s almost 2-1/2 hours of Riley and Paige for just a little bit more than the cost of aย cup of gourmet coffee- IMO, well worth the investment. ๐Ÿ™‚


Buy the Protect Her: Part One audiobook on Amazon.

Buy the Protect Her: Part One audio book on Audible.

Buy the Protect Her: Part One audiobook on iTunes.

Happy listening!

Here’s the Scoop on Mating the Alpha (Greyelf Grizzlies #3)…



That’s really all I can say about the fantastic feedback and blow-off-the-barn-doors successful release of Becoming the Alpha (Greyelf Grizzlies #2). ย I’m delighted, stunned, excited, thrilled, giddy, and a myriad of other very happy adjectives.

I’m also feeling a little bit of pressure. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the good news for everyone who is here and had never heard the name ‘Ivy Sinclair’ before you found Lukas and Maren in A Bear of a Reputation (Greyelf Grizzlies #1). I write fast. Like- wicked fast. ย (Fun fact: I wrote the first draft of Becoming the Alpha in 2-1/2 days. For real.)

Here’s the bad news: I am writing the Greyelf Grizzlies serial opposite my long-running Protect Her serial. And fans of Protect Her: Part 10 are chomping at the bit for the next installment because, in case you haven’t noticed, I write some pretty intense cliffhangers. (Yeah- I know everybody has a love/hate relationship with cliffhangers- including me. But I grew up on episodic TV like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s the way that I write, and I’m not changing that for any story that is part of an ongoing series because, well, it’s fun. And intense. And nail-biting. And all those other anxiety-filled adjectives that always make us want MORE.)

So the question that I know you’re really here for is:

When is Mating the Alpha (Greyelf Grizzlies #3) going to be ready???

The answer is: July 21st.

I’ll have the pre-order page up by early next week so you can order it and have it on your Kindle ready and waiting for you on the day of.

The next question you probably have is:

Is this the last installment of the Greyelf Grizzly serial (e.g. will Lukas and Maren have their HEA in this installment?)

The answer is: I don’t know. I was originally thinking that the answer would be yes, but I have to say that I am really digging into their relationship, and there is a lot of really rich storytelling to be had there. If you want to know as soon as I DO know though, I’d encourage you to join me in my private FB fan group, Ivy’s Front Porch. That group of readers always get the inside scoop first.

Lastly, a big THANK YOU for joining me on the Greyelf Grizzlies journey! It’s because you keep wanting to read it that I keep wanting to write it. That’s a true win-win in my book. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Reading!


Protect Her News: New covers and When to Expect Protect Her: Part Eight

Cover B-A

February was a busy month for me. I released Protect Her: Part Seven, and then set about correcting a problem that had been plaguing me for several months: my covers. When I had the cover concept designed last summer, I really wanted it to be focused on the romance element with the couple. So I spent hours looking for just the right couple that I thought embodied Riley and Paige.ย The other thing that I wanted included was Riley’s tattoo (which readers of the serial know is an important clue to how Riley’s destiny intertwines with Paige’s fate).

My cover designer did a lovely job for me, and I happily went on my merry way. For each new release, we did a different color wash on the cover alternating between cool and warm tones. I loved the branding and felt it was very cohesive. But- and there is always a but– there wasn’t a single thing about my covers that told readers this was a paranormal story.

After receiving some gentle, kind feedback from some of my author friends, I realized that I had created a lovely NA/contemporary-ish cover. But it wasn’t conveying the right vibe to truly draw in the right readers to the serial.

So, I give to you the new Protect Her covers!! I hope you’ll drop me a quick comment and let me know what you think about them. I LOVE them. (How many skulls can you count?) Riley and Paige are badass, and I think that’s conveyed clearly here. Plus- there’s a cemetery in the background. Cemeteries are pretty much Riley’s second home. It came together perfectly, and I’m thrilled.

Protect Her: Part Eight is Coming Soon!

March 20th to be exact. I decided not to do a pre-order for PH8. I’m not sure if it’s because my readers aren’t pre-order folk or what, but I have seen diminishing numbers of readers signing up for the pre-order option with the last three releases. Running a pre-order through Amazon is pretty stressful overall. I haven’t missed a deadline yet, but if I did I would lose my pre-order privileges for a year. So if fans aren’t using it, then it doesn’t make sense for me to put myself through the writing wringer to offer it. (But I would reconsider if enough people tell me they want it back for PH9. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

If you haven’t joined me on the Front Porch FB group yet, this is the time to do so because I’ll be sharing behind the scenes news and teasers with fans there over the next three weeks. That’s how you’ll be sure to get your Protect Her fix while you are waiting.

Happy Reading!