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What Does an ARC Reviewer Do?

Reviews are like gold in publishing world. They help provide information for other readers who might like the story and give the book a kind of ‘visual credibility’ that helps potential buyers decide if they want to read the book too.

Once you join the ARC Review team, you will receive an email approximately 48 hours before a book is scheduled to be published. You are asked to publish your honest review on Amazon as well as any other platform where you normally publish reviews (e.g. Goodreads) on the day the book goes live for maximum impact. I ask that you send me a link to your review once it has been submitted so that I can confirm your review was posted as expected.

It is always your choice when you receive the initial email to respond if you would like to receive an ARC of that book depending on your own schedule and availability.

ARC reviewers who receive ARCs and don’t post reviews will be given one pass if a review is not submitted (I understand that life sometimes happens). But ARC reviewers who do not post a review twice after requesting an ARC will be removed from the ARC team.

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